Fes To The Middle Atlas 1 Day

To join Ifrane, we cross the small town of Immouzer Kandar busy summer for its more temperate climate than Fez. Then we made a detour to the amazing Lake Daiet Aoua: you can admire the surrounding hills is reflected in its waters, or riders who take it for a playground.

Arrived in Ifrane, one is surprised by the unusual aspect of this city. With its sloping roofs, chimneys capped huge stork nests, its massive abundant flowers, its chestnut trees the city looks like a small corner of Europe.

The road continues to the ski resorts Michlifen and deJebel Habri. Then down towards Azrou, we made a stop at the foot cedar Goureau. There, you can sometimes see some of Barbary living in this forest. Finally, after admiring the green roofs of the central square of Azrou, the rock (azrou Berber) the work of artisans of wood, it's back to Fez.

This walk can last half a day or a little more depending on the time spent admiring the diverse landscapes: forests of oaks, cedars, cultivated fields among the stones, orchards ...