Fes to Chefchaouen 1 Day

 The city Chefchaouen is known as the “Blue Pearl,” and is perched beneath the rugged peaks of the Rif Mountains.

The mountains overlook a lush valley and rise to a height of 8,054 feet. The city dates back to the 15th century and at first resembles the antique, red-roofed cities around Morocco. You soon find the city’s color scheme shift the longer you stroll along the medina. The streets act as steps and rise up the foothills. At first you notice a sporadic blue door, then a blue painted wall. Suddenly the entire alleyway is blue, from the doors to the stones on the street. The color resembles a cloudless sky.

The city’s color stems from a Jewish tradition of dyeing threads. The city meshes Berber, Muslim, and Jewish culture with those of Moorish Spanish exiles. Aromatic herbs emanate from local homes. Charming brass teapots are displayed in narrow hillside streets that fill the old city. Vendors dangle artisan silver bracelets that jingle. Soft shawls radiate with color and hand stitching.